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Zlin Region

Regional city: Zlín

Basic information and characteristics of the region:

From the character of the houses, the Zlín Region is more a country region that, thanks to an unheard of economic boom in the time fo the Baťa company, has created a role for itself of dynamical industrial region.

For Zlín Region it is also characteristic that three distinctive athnic groups meet here: Valašsko (Wallachia), Slovácko and Haná. In number of folklore festivals, Zlín Region belongs among the most active regions on the old continent.

In Valašsko there are many preserved examples of folk architecture, such as dřevěnice (log houses), which evoke an almost fairytale atmosphere. The Pustevna Area has been declared a national monument, its building - Stará hospoda, Libušín and Maměnka.
The Valašské muzeum v přírodě in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, a national cultural monument, will surprise you not only with its rich programme but also with their offer of many tasty local specialities.
The Kroměříž region enjoys worldwide recognition mainly thanks to its original Podzámecká and Květná Gardens, and the nobility of the Arcibishop´s Castle. The uniqueeness of these places was the reason for their inclusion in the UNESCO Register of World Heritage Sites in 1998.
The Uherské Hradiště region is synonymous with good wine and lively folk costums. It is akso a territory with many monuments to its rich history. Tourists are traditiobally interested in Gothic Castle Buchlov or the architectural complex of the Baroque chateau in Buchlovice.

The territory of the Zlín Region holds two conservation areas - Beskydy and Bílé Karpaty- with the natural treasures. ¨While the Beskydy mountains boast valuable original primeval forest growth and the occurrence of rare botanical and animal species, in the Unesco biosphere reserve of Bílé Karpaty (the While Carpathians) it is possible to discover seven hundred rare botanical species, which also icludes a unique bee flower orchid.

Not many places in our country are as closely tied with folklore and folk traditions as Eastern Moravia. Folklore in this area is on an extraordinary level, the proof of which is the fact that Slovacko verbunk, a men´s dance, has been listed on UNESCO list of masterpieces of verbal and non-material heritage of mankind.

All year round, a number of minor and major events take place in many places of Walachia, Hana and Slovacko. Undoubtedly, the most significant are the International Folklore Festival in Straznice, the International Folklore Festival in Svatoborice-Mistrin, Walachia Year, a serial of over 60 folklore programmes in Roznov´s open-air folk museum, Hanacky Folklore Festival in Chropyne, Festival of Shrovetide traditions in Strani, international children´s folklore festival called Through Song and Dance in Luhacovice, the Kings´ Rides in Vlcnov, Hluk , Kunovice and Tvrdonice and Slovacky Festival of Wines and Sights held in Uherske Hradiste.

A number of other, equally interesting, folklore festivals take place in many places like in Breclaav, Bystrice pod Hostynem, Hluk, Hodinin, Holesov, Kunovice, Kyjov, Liptal, Stary Hrozenkov, Tvrdonice, Velka nad Velickou, Valasske Mezirici, Valasske Klobouky, Vsetin and Zlin.